Feldenkrais® movement for Musicians

Date(s) - 01/11/2019
All Day

St. Peter's Anglican Church


with Alice Friedman in Duncan BC

November Date to be Confirmed

Improvement of talented people comes through their awareness of themselves in action. Their talent arises from their freedom to choose their modes of action.” (Moshé Feldenkrais)

An Introduction to Feldenkrais® for Musicians Feldenkrais Course with Alice Friedman

Are you satisfied with your playing?

Can you express your musical intentions on your instrument?

Do you find playing your instrument a physical pleasure?

Is your practice efficient?

Do you know what to change to get a better result?

Do you suffer from playing – related injuries or pain?

This workshop will address helping you become more aware of the intimate relationship between the way you use yourself and the music you create. This enhanced awareness can support the ability to express musical intention, prevent pain and injury and expedite healing from current injury.

Everything you do in playing your instrument, as in all coordinated actions, is a complex process that begins with intention. In this case musical intention which requires the coordination of a series of movements involving changes in weight, speed, orientation in space, eye hand coordination and adaptations to gravity. When any part of these are inefficient they result in unnecessary friction wear and tear on the muscular – skeletal system and less than optimal results.

The Feldenkrais Method® uses gentle, slow movements to develop and refine the ability to sense subtle changes in quality. This tool of awareness makes possible more efficient and expanded choices that can prevent or heal injuries and improve performance. Learning is done through experiment and attention to ease and comfort rather than effort. Interest is in How you do what you do rather than on the accomplishment of any particular action.

Through the Feldenkrais Method’s Awareness Through Movement® lessons we will address issues that pertain to playing such as:

  • Finding support from the ground through your skeleton
  • Proportional use of muscles: Using the large central muscles to free the use of arms and
  • Maintaining an ease of breath throughout performance
  • Shifting weight smoothly to improve sound
  • Improving theCoordinated use of eyes, arms, and body
  • Improvement ofsense of orientation in space

Alice Friedman is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer, a Registered Psychologist and a dancer. She has explored the intersections of motion and emotion her entire life, exploring ways of refining our relationship to our primary instrument, our body. She has, organized trainings and taught in many Feldenkrais® trainings internationally as well as offering individual sessions, classes and workshops on Salt Spring and beyond for 30 years

For further information or to register for this workshop contact:

www.harpcanadastudio.com/workshops or call Alice: 250 537-3300

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