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Awareness through movement course Photographer: Robert Golden

Alice’s Summer Feldenkrais Class Update July 2020

This weird COVID time has brought some interesting high points. It was with much trepidation that I decided to offer Awareness Through Movement™ classes online. Much to my surprise I have loved offering Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement™ lesson via zoom and it has been wonderful to see new people joining. I love that the ripples keep growing wider. One of the joys of zoom is that people from far flung places can join and our community can spread. I plan on continuing these classes at the same times at least through July and perhaps half of August: Monday 9am and Wednesday 5pm PDT. so if you know others who may be interested let them know. 

I am offering them at a pay what you can manner with the suggested cost of $15 per class or 5 classes for $60. This is what in- person classes were. I am also committed to making these classes available to all who wish to participate so do not let the cost be an impediment. Please pay what you can or even nothing if this makes sense for you at this time. I appreciate whatever you can contribute as long as you invest yourself in the process of the lessons.

I am also planning on returning to offering in-person individual lessons at my office beginning at the end of July. We have reorganized the space to meet protective practices and I will only be seeing 1-2 people per day. We would both wear masks for table work and sanitize hands before and after the lesson. I will be posting our plans and procedures at the office and letting people know when they make appointments. I have not as yet made any plans for resumption of in-person Awareness Through Movement™ classes for the fall. When I do, I will most likely add two zoom classes a week as well so that the current Monday Wednesday ones will revert to live plus two more on-line at different times.

It has been an interesting experience finding my way to teaching via zoom and I will be offering some new workshops on-line as I go on. If you have any particular interests you would like me to address please let me know. I am currently exploring a developmental theme that addresses how we form our relationships to ourselves, others and the world through movement, and one that explores Feldenkrais and the creative process. I am also planning some public pre-training workshops with the rest of the team of the Kelowna Feldenkrais training as we continue to prepare for the program which had to be postponed due to COVID 19. If you are interested please check our website: for upcoming and current offerings.

I hope you have all enjoyed the classes as much as I have enjoyed teaching them and that you have been able see the benefits in your daily lives. May you find continued ease and grace as we go on.



Class Times: Monday 9-10 AM, Wednesday 5-6 PM

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