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Feldenkrais Fundamentals with Gisele St. Hilaire – Toronto, November 23rd & 24th

November 23, 2019 @ 9:30 am November 24, 2019 @ 4:30 pm

This 2 day workshop will explore the seminal ideas that form the foundation of The Feldenkrais Method and what makes it the unique and powerful tool for helping people move and live more in keeping with the way they’d like.

Each foundational idea will be made real through your personal experience via Awareness Through Movement lessons.


Although movement is the vehicle through which the Feldenkrais Method is delivered, better movement in and of itself is not the end goal. It is through movement we learn to have the means to improve life. We use the movements to learn the process of self-organization for movement and in all aspects of life. 
You will discover:
      •  What causes you or your clients to “get stuck” and how to get “unstuck” 

  • How to experience your connection to the ground and your skeleton as crucial aspects to efficient, powerful and effective action 
  • Ways to utilize this understanding to improve your and your client’s ability to learn new patterns of action  
  • And more…. 

The effectiveness of the Method is in its ability to take advantage of the human capacity for enjoyable learning and neuroplastic change. It is through both Dr. Feldenkrais’s deep understanding of how to make learning interesting and more effective, as well as his deep knowledge of human movement and what makes for efficient, powerful and effective action that makes the work so potent.​

Whether you are interested in moving and living more comfortably and effectively in your personal life, or are interested in expanding the tools in your professional toolbox, this workshop will provide you with ideas grounded in science and concrete experience that you’ll be able to continue exploring and bringing into your everyday life.

Kelowna Feldenkrais Training

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